The job of our Studio is to make the most out of what we are working with and ensure the proper use of space according to the wishes and lifestyle of the client. The conceptual design therefore encompasses drafting, layout of all the rooms involved in the project, as well as suggested furniture, wall coverings and lighting fixtures. The first step is site inspection, determining and sketching the existing situation, and designing a new interior in cooperation with the client. Each step is done in agreement and with the clients' approval so that the space ultimately corresponds to their individual needs, wishes and demands. The complete documentation contains a series of suggestions, guidelines, drafts and ideas and, optionally, a 3D model that makes it easier for the client to see what the space will eventually look like. It also facilitates choosing colours, coverings and managing all the work that needs to be carried out. The conceptual design documentation contains everything you need to start the work yourself, know what you want and what the space will ultimately look like. The conceptual design is intended for anyone planning a more thorough change of an interior and who wants the space to look as good as it possibly can.