This contemporary and elegant family home is locted on the ground floor of a building on Zagreb's Srebrnjak. It is 115 square meters large and cleverly divided into a sleeping zone and a living area with other accompanying rooms. After consulting with the owners and analyzing the floor plan, the architects of the Mirjana Mikulec studio created an interior that is filled with light-colored furniture and surfaces to give the owner's sentimental vintage furniture pieces even more expression.

The bespoke kitchen is located in the room which is entered from the hallway. Simple lines and the contrast of dark and rich shades of gray is what makes the kitchen special. The apartment is adorned with simplicity and sophistication, which is the most obvious in the living room area. Very simple and straight lines of furniture served to create the perfect backsplash for highlighting key and visually attractive pieces, which created the stylish base for decorating this apartment. In addition to the owners' valuable vintage pieces, the character is also provided by lighting fixtures and a striking Bang & olufsen speaker.

The sleeping area is separated from the living area, just like the separate dressing area. The bedrooms are entered from the dressing room to achieve more storage space and ensure intimacy. Thus, two bedrooms were created, dominated by an elegant bed in a gentle color pallete. The design is elevated with a simple wallpaper inside a stucco frame. Unlike the rest of the apartment where colors are kept light, soft and simple, the bathroom is quite dark and accentuated with interesting ceramic tiles.

What made this project a bit easier to do is the very good floor plan to begin with, which enabled the separation of three living zones in order to provide the owners with a harmonious living space. Simplicity, contemporary design and pieces of furniture and carefully selected details make this Zagreb home special.


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